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      one source for Accumulators
      SCI Sharp Controls - One Source for Hydraulic Accumulators and Replacement Parts.  
      Call 704-394-1395 to order.

      We offer Tobul, Parker Greer, and Accumulator, Inc. hydraulic piston and bladder accumulators for all applications; surge cushons, kleen vents, diaphragms and gas bottles. Pressures *3000 psi *5000 PSI to 10,000 psi - water service.
      Replacement parts for Bosch, Rexroth, Olaer, Hydac and others including bladders, seal kits, mounting and charging accessories.
      SCI Sharp Controls custom built accumulator racks and systems.

      1. Tobul Piston Accumulators
      2. Tobul Accumulators

        Tobul Accumulators

        Tobul piston and bladder accumulators, shut off valves, diaphragms, gas bottles
        Tobul hydraulic accumulators have a proven track record of more than 45 years with the most comprehensive offering of piston type accumulators in the industry.  Tobul bladder type accumulators are available in most of the industry standard capacities with workin pressures up to 7,500 PSIG.  Standard or custom hydraulic accumulators, diaphragm accumulators, surge cushons, gas bottles and safety shut-off valves. 
      3. Parker Greer Accumulators

        Parker Greer Accumulators

        Piston and bladder accumulators, diaphragm accumulators, surge cushions
        Parker's hydraulic accumulators regulate the performance of a hydraulic system by providing an additional volume of system fluid, pressurized by an external gas supply. For industrial applications, Parker offers three types of hydro-pneumatic accumulators: piston, bladder and diaphragm. Custom solutions are also available to help meet the specific needs of our customers.
      4. Accumulators, Inc.

        Accumulators, Inc.

        Piston and bladder Accumulators, diaphragms, gas bottles, mounting and accessories

        Standard and custom piston accumulators, bladder accumulators from 1 qt to 15 gal capacity, up to 10000 psi, repairable diaphragm accumulators from 6 to 150 cubic inches, replacement accumulator air bladders and components for repairs and upgrades. Accumulator, Inc.s' parts fit most manufacturers' units. Gas bottles and air flasks, gas storage - fluid storage from 1 qt to 15 gal up to 10000 psi, racks and manifolds, mounting and accessories.

      5. Replacement Parts

        Replacement Parts

        Bosch, Rexroth, Olaer, Parker Greer and others!
        One source for replacement parts including bladders, seal kits and charging accessories from manufacturers including Bosch, Rexroth, Olaer, Parker Greer and more. Replacement bladders and components for repairs and upgrades - parts fit most manufacturer's units. Mounting accessories, racks and manifolds. Accumulator replacement parts include charging and gauging assemblies, unloading valves, repair tools, port adapters and mounting kits.

        Click here for the Hydac Bladder Accumulators Crossover Chart.
      • Why buy from us?
      • Common Applications
      • Manufacturer's Links
      • How to order
      • Accumulators are available with a variety of materials for specialized applications - carbon steel of many grades, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and many other exotic materials.  Severe duty designs for heavy use applications.  Wide variety of seal materials and configurations available.  Nickel and chrome plating, and epoxy/anti-corrosive coatings available.  Special flange or port connections.  Proximity switches, linear transducers, or mechanical indicating rods available for identifying piston location.  Safety pressure-relief devices in stock.  Special designs for OEM's on request. 

        SCI Sharp Controls is your one source for accumulators, accessories and replacement parts including gas bottles, bladders, surge kushons, seal kits, mounting brackets, charging assemblies and gauges.  We offer all the major manufacturer's accumulators and accumulator accessories from Tobul, Parker Greer, Accumulators, Inc., Olaer, Rexroth Bosch, and many others.

        SCI Sharp Controls is a full service fluid power distributor.  See our complete offering at www.sharpcontrols.com

      • Common applications of bladder and piston accumulators:

        ~ Agricultural Machinery and Equipment
        ~ Forestry Equipment
        ~ Oil Field and Offshore
        ~ Machine Tools
        ~ Mining Machinery and Equipment
        ~ Mobile and Construction Equipmnet
        ~ Off-road Equipment
      • Links and Resources:

        ~ SCI Sharp Controls
        ~ Tobul Accumulators
        ~ Parker Greer
        ~ Accumulators, Inc.
        ~ Olaer Accumulators
        ~ Bosch Rexroth
        ~ Hydac Accumulators
        ~ Hydraulic Filtration
      • It's Easy to Order from SCI Sharp Controls:

        For 30 years, SCI Sharp Controls has been satifying customers with hydraulic, pneumatic and filtration products. Call us with your first order, and one of our expert hydraulic accumulator representatives will make sure you are ordering the exact accumulator and/or replacement parts you need. Call 704-394-1395. After your initial order, subsequent orders can be fax'd or emailed to your SCI Sharp Controls representative. We look forward to doing business with you.

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